MixW RigExpert Tiny
CAT+PTT/CW version 1.3

USB Soundcard Transceiver Interface

          MixW Team have developed a new sound card transceiver interface, MixW RigExpert Tiny. Combining all necessery functions, simplicity of the use, excellent design and low price, this device is useful for digital mode as well as for CW and phone operators. Models for different transceiver models (Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec) are announced.

The device provides a CAT port (transceiver frequency and mode control using a computer), a secondary PTT (push-to-talk) and CW (Morse output) serial port, as well as soundcard-to-transceiver connection. Transceiver connection is made using pre-wired cables. Computer connection uses USB port, making free serial (COM) ports for other needs. A separate power supply is not needed for this interface. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on the panel display the device status, helping to set up the computer software.

The interface is fully compatible to all amateur radio software, which runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003: DigiPan, MixW, MMTTY, MMSSTV, Ham Radio Deluxe, DXBase, CQ-Log and others. Also, Linux и MAC OS 8/9/X operating systems are supported.

The block diagram of the device is shown on the picture at the left. The "heart" of the interface is a dual-port USB convertor chip (FT2232C from FTDI). In this case, both ports are set up to operate in serial mode. One of them transmits and receives CAT system data, while the other one drives PTT and CW outputs.

After the device is connected to the computer and the drivers are installed, two serial ports (e.g. COM5 and COM6) are available for the software.

 The two separate serial ports are the unique feature of this interface. In this only case, the simultaneous use of two separate programs is possible: one of them operates CW or digital modes (driving PTT and CW outputs), and the other one does QSO logging (working with computer CAT system).

The picture at the right illustrates such a case with popular MMTTY and DX4WIN programs.


Voltage dividers are used in audio signal path from computer to transceiver and in opposite direction. All input and output lines are fed through RC-filters for best interference suppression.

The cover of the device is made of gray plastic. Total cable length (computer-to-transceiver) is 2.5 m. All cables are shielded.

This file is a version of this page for printing. You may print the page and give it to your friends, or hang on a wall in a local radio club.

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