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CAT+PTT/CW version 1.3

USB Soundcard Transceiver Interface

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Driver installation
Hardware description
Software setup

Interface models

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MixW RigExpert Tiny website - news, information, driver updates.

Driver installation

The drivers files are located on the supplied disk. They are also available in zipped format:

The driver installation procedure is similar for installing other computer devices and is described in details in this section.

Windows 2000

As a result, you will see a new pair of serial ports in the Device Manager (right-click My Computer on the desktop, select Manage from the menu, select Device Manager from the list on the left side of the window, then open Ports (COM&LPT) branch on the right). On of these new ports is a CAT port, and the other one is PTT/CW port. 

The port numbers are assigned automatically. To change their values, right-click on the one you want to change (still in the Device Manager) and select Properties from the menu to open the MixW RigExpert Tiny Serial Port (COMx) Properties dialog. Activate the Port Settings tab, then click Advanced. In the newly-open Advanced Settings for COMx dialog, select a new COM Port Number. (Please take into account that some software can only work with COM1...COM8 ports, other is limited to COM1...COM4.)

Important: To avoid Windows serial device enumaration (which may cause unexpected PTT or CW output activation) please keep the Serial Enumerator box unchecked in the Advanced Settings for COMx dialog (see above).

To uninstall the driver, please go to Control Panel (Start button - Settings - Control Panel). Click Add/Remove Programs icon. Select MixW RigExpert Tiny CAT+PTT/CW Drivers from the list and click Change/Remove button. It is necessary to unplug the device during the uninstallation procedure.

Windows XP

(almost the same)

Windows 98

(almost the same)

Hardware description

The MixW RigExpert Tiny device is a tiny box with pre-wired cables on both sides for computer and transceiver connection. For simplicity, it contains no switches or other adjustment elements.

The LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on the top cover let you know what is going on at any time, helping to set up the software and to make sure everything is working properly.

A Blinks when CAT data is sent from computer to transceiver.
B Blinks when transceiver replies a CAT command.
PTT Push-to-talk indicator
CW CW output indicator
ON Device power indicator

Software setup

There are few settings that have to be done (or verified) in the software once the MixW RigExpert Tiny device is plugged in (see Interface models) and the drivers are installed.

Audio in/out

CAT system

PTT and CW outputs

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